Viennese hospitality for over one hundred years.


It was back then that Johann Figlmüller opened a small wine tavern on Wollzeile, right behind St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Right from the start it stood for the unparalleled Viennese way of life: a restaurant that was always a fine place to chat and celebrate and that had a great menu and select local wines. And, of course, the original rendition of the schnitzel.

The brothers Hans Jr. and Thomas Figlmüller are still maintaining the tradition which is now in its fourth Figlmüller generation.


The Schnitzel


At Figlmüller fine dining goes beyond the edge of the plate: The average schnitzel measures roughly thirty centimeters in diameter and is eaten in no time. Why? Because it tastes tender, juicy, and is covered in a crispy coating.

For this delicious meal, Figlmüller chefs use only the best pork cuts, namely, the rose or tenderloin, a choice back piece which hardly puffs during frying. This results in a schnitzel that is quite a bit larger, thinner, and crispier than all the others.

The tenderloin weighs 250 grams and is pounded dutifully until the meat is wafer thin and ready for the egg and flour coating.

The coating is crowned with very special “imperial” breadcrumbs from Austrian emperor rolls, which are baked especially for Figlmüller and make the schnitzel so temptingly crispy.

Now the schnitzel is ready to be fried. And for this, the chefs need no less than three pans of cooking oil. But for that it is all the faster; a schnitzel needs just an estimated 30 seconds until it turns a yellowy golden color and lands on the plate.
Proof that the long-standing and traditional schnitzel maker works with the utmost perfection.

Figlmueller Schnitzel


naturally fresh. purely austrian. straight from our own vineyards.

What goes along well with a true Figlmüller schnitzel? Why a genuine Viennese potato salad, of course, one that is known for its fine sweetness.

At Figlmüller we pay attention to where the ingredients come from. The pork comes exclusively from farmers who we know personally.

The Figmüllers are busy restaurant owners: They produce their own wines to serve with the schnitzel and have been doing so since very early on. This is why you will find a Grüner Veltliner on the menu as well as a Welschriesling or a Blaufränkischer.